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Quality Control


Quality Assurance and Quality Control are essential components of daily operations at 2SEC. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of professional service to our clients. Our cross-functional approach system is developed to ensure our services are designed and produced to meet or exceed our clients’ requirements and expectations in the most cost-effective manner. Our goal is to produce services fit for the purpose and designed right the first time.


The 2SEC professional team is familiar with the International Organization of Standards (ISO) implementing an effective Quality Management System (QMS) to comply with regulatory, industry, and customer quality requirements. The QMS applies to all engineering activities that affect the quality of services furnished by 2SEC. It also defines the basic requirements of the client service contracts and serves as a commitment to our clients.

The 2SEC QMS incorporates quality planning and provides a basis for managing project activities allowing us to monitor processes for continual improvement and overall cost control.

The QMS activities are documented in accordance with written manuals, procedures, instructions, specifications, and drawings that contain appropriate criteria for determining whether prescribed activities have been satisfactorily accomplished. The following outlines the basic principles:

• Accuracy
• Constructability
• Cost Control
• Drawing Clarity
• Milestones
• Thoroughness of Detail
• Value Engineering


2SEC services are planned and performed under controlled conditions that ensure conformance to client requirements, agency having jurisdiction, our QMS/EMS, and applicable standards and regulations. 2SEC managers are responsible for insuring that qualified personnel are assigned to accomplish work activities and that they are provided adequate facilities, equipment, tools, training, and information to perform their assignment.

Processes affecting the quality of our service are controlled by, but not limited to, the following elements:


• Acceptance Criteria
• Checklists
• Internal Audits
• Maintenance of Equipment
• Policies, Procedures, and Work Instructions
• Process Monitoring
• Resource Management
• Routing & Distribution
• Validation & Control of Computer Software
• Workmanship Standards


Services with impact on public, private, institutional, or regulatory projects must comply with our established procedures and QMS requirements. Quality procedures are contained in the 2SEC Policy / Procedures Manual. All procedures address regulatory requirements and are reviewed and approved by 2SEC executive management.

Sorrell-Smith Engineering, LLC. is an Equal Opportunity Employer