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Company History

Sorrell-Smith Engineering Consultants LLC (2SEC) is a full service engineering design, planning and construction management company located in West Memphis, Arkansas.

2SEC was formed from Sorrell Consulting Engineers which was founded by Dennis Sorrell in 1992. Mr. Sorrell before his passing had over 40 years of experience in civil engineering practice having formerly been a partner with Bond Consulting Engineers for 20 years. Prior to acquiring the business Mr. Smith has 23 years of experience in various engineering roles with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department in addition to the 13 years with APAC Tennessee as the Engineering/QC manager.

Presently, the firm has 7 employees including one licensed engineer, two CAD technicians, one administrative assistant and two survey crews with experience in all aspects of civil engineering, design, surveying, land development, planning, survey construction layout, and construction contract management. Sorrell-Smith Engineering Consultants possesses the capability to assist a community and owners with a proposed project from inception to completion on virtually any civil engineering or planned project.

In the remaining portion of this proposal, you will find responses regarding the firm’s experience, capacity and performance. Sorrell-Smith Engineering Consultants appreciates your consideration for the use of our services.


To employ innovative sciences and technologies and effectively integrate these into the design, construction, operation and maintenance of our Client’s projects; promote stewardship and sustainability in all phases of our work product and employment environment; and establish a mutually beneficial connection with our clients and employees based on trust, ethics and value-driven service.


2SEC is a high-quality, client-oriented firm, offering a truly unique style and high level of engineering consulting service. Our diversity allows us to provide highly responsive and competitive engineering services to municipal, governmental, institutional, commercial, and industrial clients. The firm’s owner and senior staff are recognized professional leaders in their respective areas of expertise and have extensive former experience in design and construction projects. This experience has enabled us to create a firm that can serve local, as well as regional clients.

Sorrell-Smith Engineering, LLC. is an Equal Opportunity Employer